Tips When Leaving Your Car At An Airport Parking Lot

Those who are planning on traveling by plane must often decide if they want to leave their car at the airport while they're away. The vehicle can be left at an airport parking lot on the grounds of the facilities for a daily or flat fee. When choosing to leave your car behind, there are a few important tips to follow to secure and protect the vehicle for several days.

Hide Valuable Items

Although security is present at most airports, you still want to hide valuable items that are left in your car to reduce the risk of a break in. Hide loose change, phone chargers, and electronics that would normally be left out and visible to those who pass by. You can hide the items in the center console or place them in the trunk. Towels or blankets can also be used to cover larger items or bags that are easy targets for thefts.

Choose a Good Parking Spot

Many people don't put much thought into where they park at the airport, but leaving your vehicle close to the terminal will make it easy to avoid carrying your luggage a long distance. This will allow you to easily access the vehicle in different types of weather instead of enduring rain or snow that may arrive. You can also try to park the car in a covered area to ensure that it's protected from environmental elements while it sits out and won't get covered in snow.

Disconnect Your Battery

It's important to disconnect your battery if the car won't be used for several days to avoid a power drain due to inactivity. This takes a minute or two to perform and can easily be reconnected when you arrive back at the airport.

Bring an Ice Scraper

When you're planning on traveling during the winter season, an ice scraper is one of the most important tools to bring to the airport and leave in your car to ensure that you have enough visibility on the road. You can also pack a large shovel to leave in the trunk to ensure that you can plow part of the parking lot and make a clear pathway for your car.

Check Your Tire Pressure

Consider filling your tires up with air before leaving it long-term to ensure that it can be driven safely once you arrive back at the airport. Stationary tires are known to deflate over time and can leave you stranded if they're already low when you arrive.

You can also top off your gas tank with fuel to prevent the gas from drying out in the heat and to reduce the risk of condensation from accumulating on the outside of the tank. Visit Park'N Fly if you would like to learn more.